Dean Cohen of the Best Brunch and Camp SababaDean Cohen of the Best Brunch and Camp Sababa

On Episode 30, we chat about what we DON’T talk about during pregnancy with Tamar Stein and Eti Tamir. Like, why do we wait until the end of the first trimester before we share news of our pregnancies? Tamar is a native of the US, and Eti is Israeli, so they bring a really interesting perspective!

And on Episode 31, we caught up with Dean Cohen. Dean is a superstar in the Social Enteprise World. He has established two wonderful organizations: The Best Bunch, a flower service that employs people with disabilities. Learn how he draws on the employees strengths to provide a fantastic business service! And also Camp Sababa, an organization that provides amazing opportunites and experiences for people with disabilities as well as their families.

Dean calls the Jewish community a leadership machine, and says he has drawn on his own leadership training in the Jewish community in his business endeavours.

Also, ever wonder why there are so few men who work with people with disabilities? We tackle that too.




Dean Cohen





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