Nevo Zisin. Jewish Trans-Activist

Listen to the final two episodes of The Gender Agenda for 2015.

It’s hard enough coming out of the closet once. But coming out twice takes things to a whole new level.

Jewish transgender activist, Nevo Zisin knew that his body and his gender identity did not match from an early age. As a teenager, he came out: he told his friends and family that he was a lesbian. But once “the dust had settled” over his announcement, he came to understand that he was actually transgender.

Only a few years ago, transgender people were all but invisible. Today we see transgender characters in mainstream films and television series, in the UN, in politics and in schools. In the Australian Jewish community, gender variance is also gaining greater acceptance. This is very much a result of the work of local activists such as Nevo.

While Nevo’s transition has been deeply personal, it has also been deeply political. At each stage of his journey he interrogated his own values, as well as the values of those around him. He used his own experiences as a platform upon which to raise awareness about gender issues in the hope that people in his position would have an easier time coming to understand their own gender identities.

This two part series follows Nevo’s journey.

In Part 1 (episode 34), we hear about Nevo’s social transition and coming out. In Part 2 (epsiode 35), we hear about Nevo’s physical transition, where he began to take hormones while he was away on his gap-year in Israel.

It’s an amazing story!

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