female friendships

In praise of female friendship


*This piece was originally published on JWOW. When I was a little girl, I loved my best friend.  Fiercely. We were inseparable.  We spent whole days at school together, and then spent afternoons together at one of our houses.  We designed elaborate fantasy worlds, dressed up in all manner of costumes and choreographed intricate dance …

Dean Cohen of the Best Brunch and Camp Sababa

Two New Episodes – Pregnancy Taboos and Dean Cohen on Social Enteprises


Dean Cohen of the Best Brunch and Camp Sababa On Episode 30, we chat about what we DON’T talk about during pregnancy with Tamar Stein and Eti Tamir. Like, why do we wait until the end of the first trimester before we share news of our pregnancies? Tamar is a native of the US, and …

Child Holding Gay Pride Flag

The Masorti Movement’s View On Marriage Equality; Natalie Greenberg On Kids In Divorce


Listen to our latest podcast here. The Beth Din of Australasia recently published a statement on marriage equality in Australia. We caught up with one of its authors, Rabbi Adam Stein. You can find the statement on Galus Austrtalis here. We also continued our conversation with lawyer Natalie Greenberg, about issues that come up when …

Sharon Swiatlo

Sharon Swiatlo On Parenting and What She Has Learned As the Mother Of A Transgendered Child


Listen the latest podcast here! Sharon Swiatlo wears many, many hats. Educator, business owner, mother, and more recently, media star. A few months ago, Sharon appeared as a guest on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters where she reflected on her journey as the mother of a transgendered person. She has also written about her experience …

Lesbian Couple

Marriage Equality, Dating In New York City & the New Single-By-Choice Movement


Listen to the latest Gender Agenda Podcast here! It seems like it’s only a matter of time before Australia legalizes same-sex marriage. But why has it taken so long? Are Australian Jews more likely to support same-sex marriage? And while marriage equality activists are excited about marriage, we have also seen the rise of the …