Nevo Zisin. Jewish Trans-Activist

Coming Out Of The Closet… Twice: Nevo Zisin, Jewish trans activist


Listen to the final two episodes of The Gender Agenda for 2015. It’s hard enough coming out of the closet once. But coming out twice takes things to a whole new level. Jewish transgender activist, Nevo Zisin knew that his body and his gender identity did not match from an early age. As a teenager, …

Jewish Community Council of Victoria

We’re Here, We’re Queer, and We’re Jewish


A special audio story brought to you live from a milestone event in the Melbourne Jewish Community- the inaugural JCCV LGBTI Community Symposium in August this year. Guest host Sophie Klein brings you stories from LGBTI health expert Dr Y. Gavriel Ansara and Director and CEO of the Jewish Museum of Australia Rebecca Forgasz. The …

Hannah Reich

Bra Fittings and Feminism, Wasted Semen and Film Festivals, Catch Up On the Latest Gender Agenda Episodes


Hear the latest podcast here! The politics of bra fittings, gender in the Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF). Hear Tamar Simons from JIFF and radio producer Hannah Reich chatting about youth movements, bra fitting, films about sacred sperm and cult.

Contemplative Man

Wayne Green On Finding His Perfect Jewish Gay Man: himself


Listen to the latest podcast! Wayne Green knew he was gay from an early age. But having grown up in a traditional Jewish community, he felt that he could not live an authentic Jewish life as a gay man. In the closet, he spent a lot of time talking to god – the only one …

Chalk Circle. A New Gender Literacy Organization

How Gender Literate Are You?


What comes to mind when you hear the term “gender literacy”? Books perhaps? It sounds like it’s a concept that has been around for a while, but it was actually recently coined by a new organization called Chalk Circle. Chalk Circle was founded by Meabh Loughnane and Michelle Noon with the aim to promote greater …