female friendships

In praise of female friendship


*This piece was originally published on JWOW. When I was a little girl, I loved my best friend.  Fiercely. We were inseparable.  We spent whole days at school together, and then spent afternoons together at one of our houses.  We designed elaborate fantasy worlds, dressed up in all manner of costumes and choreographed intricate dance …

We need to talk about miscarriage: A personal account of the dark world of pregnancy loss


At least one in five pregnancies result in miscarriage. But even though pregnancy loss is so common, beyond turning to google, there are not many places in which one can openly discuss their experiences. When I first launched the gender agenda my main priority was to provide a forum in which we could talk about …

Dr Raelia Lew

Let’s talk about Fertility: Dr Raelia Lew, fertility expert


  We tackle the subject of fertility with the inimitable Dr Raelia Lew. Dr Lew is a gynaecologist and obstetrician who specialises in fertility treatment. She also has a passionate interest in women’s health. Given that one in seven Australians are likely to face We turn the spotlight on fertility, asking ‘how is fertility a …

Talking about childbirth with Tanya Strusberg And Katrina Zaslavsky


Someone once said to me that the minute a person utters – out loud or to themselves – I want to have a child, control goes out the window. The truth is that in life, there is little that we can control, but this becomes even more evident if you are trying to conceive, if …

Alex Fein

Women backing women, Mikva without an audience, and the politics of pregnancy and childbirth.


We chat with Alex Fein about the politics of Mivka, whether or not there is a special place in hell for women who don’t back women, and the complex world of pregnancy science and medicine. Some of the most toxic conversations I’ve encountered take place when we talk about pregnancy and birthing. Our guest, Alex …