A feminist powerhouse in Israeli Civil Society – Hamutal Gouri


This month you’ll hear from one of the most formidable women in Israeli civil society, Hamutal Gouri. She talks about how she uses gender-based philanthropy and storytelling to empower women in Israel. What you will discover is another side of Israeli philanthropy!

Jewish Donuts

So You’re A Female Rabbi In Australia… and Some Hannukah Uncut


Rabbi Allison Conyer is one of the few women rabbis here in the Australia. Sometimes it has been a blessing. Sometimes it has been incredibly challenging. We look at the surprising differences between Melbourne and Sydney when it comes to acceptance of women in the pulpit. Listen to her reflect on her experiences here. We …

Ramona Koval. Writer. Journalist. Broadcaster

Ramona Koval on Shame, Genes, Fertility and the Holocaust In Her book, Bloodhound


The Gender Agenda is back with Season Two! Hear Ramona Koval, broadcaster and writer talking about secrets, shame, genes and the holocaust. We chat about her latest book, Bloodhound, in which she describes her investigation into the true identity of her biological father. And of course, we have a gender news update – Rabbi Genende …

The Tainted Trial of Farah Jama by Julie Szego

Julie Szego On Gender, Multiculturalism And The Justice S/ystem


We examine and unpack our favourite topics – gender and multiculturalism. In 2011, journalist Julie Szego turned her writer’s pen to the story of a young Somali Australian man, Farah Jama, who was wrongly convicted of raping a 48-year-old woman found semiconscious in a toilet cubicle in July 2006. The woman had no memory of …

Dr. Jordy Silverstein

Are You Anxious About Your History? Jordy Silverstein On What We Leave Out When We Talk About The Holocaust


Listen to this great conversation about what we miss when we teach about the holocaust. How do we teach about the holocaust in a meaningful but healthy way? Dr Jordy Silverstein has devoted much of her career to answering this question. She examined curricula in Jewish schools in New York and Melbourne for her PhD, …