Ellie Marin. Owner of CornUtopia

The Advantages of Being A Woman In The Food Truck Business


We’ve come a long way since Mr. Whippy’s Icecream truck traveled the streets peddling those highly processed treats. Today there are hundreds of foodtrucks offering cuisine from all over the world. But remember, the precursor to these street vendors was MR Whippy – not Ms. Whippy, and indeed, like the rest of the business world, …

Lauren Zmood - Architect

Gender & The Entrepreneur: Spotlight On Architecture With Architect Lauren Zmood


Our latest podcast is here! Look outside. Do you see any buildings? Probably one or two. Do you ever wonder who designed them. Or more specifically, do you ever wonder if it was a man or a woman? Given that for the past two decades, over 40% of architecture graduates are women, you’d think that …

Money and Growth

Ambition, Family, and The Unconscious Barriers To Fulfilling Our Potential. An Interview With Dr. Jackie King of Project Deborah


Listen to the latest podcast here! As she emerged from the haze of raising young children, Dr. Jackie King found herself in a position where she felt her skills and qualifications were being underutilized.  She realized that she was amongst many professionally trained women who had chosen to be primary care givers, but felt frustrated …

One Roof - Feminist Coworking Space Logo

Pop-up Co-working Spaces for Female Entrepreneurs


I had a chat with Sheree Rubinstein – feminist, social entrepreneur, facilitator, visionary, ex-lawyer and many more things. Sheree is the co-founder of One Roof, a pop-up co-working space for female entrepreneurs.  Yes, you couldn’t find anything more quintessentially Gen Y! During this interview, Sheree reflects on her decision to leave law, what it means …

Gender Agenda

The Gender Agenda Radio Hour


News and Blog round-up, Text in the City (on Jewish law and sex), and going back to work after maternity leave with lawyer Ilana Fievel. Hear it on J-Air radio – 87.8FM or stream live at j-air.com.au. Podcasts available for download soon.