• So, are you are ‘feminist’ show?

    We do not subscribe to a particular ideological or political opinion, but rather a journalistic approach to a range of issues that affects people because of their gender. We have more questions than answers!

    Having said that, feminism is certainly one of the themes that we discuss often. And there are a few assumptions upon which we operate, namely that homophobia is bad, misogyny is wrong, people should have the right to choose how they want to live their lives regardless of sex or gender, but that at the same time, we cannot be gender-blind, and that we have to accept that we have particular experiences because of our sex and gender (for example, almost all women fear sexual violence more than almost all men).

  • Why is it not “Women’s Agenda” instead of “Gender Agenda”?

    Because we ALL have a gender! Not just ladies. And our lives are very much affected by that gender. Men, women, and anyone in between need to talk about their gender. In fact, we are actually particularly interested in examining the changing face of masculinity.

  • I have an idea or would like to come on as a guest. Can I pitch to you?

    Yes! Just email us at host@thegenderagenda.com. We are always excited to explore new issues and new perspectives. And remember, people of ANY gender are welcome to pitch!

  • I have a complaint or comment. Are you interested?

    Yes! Just email us at host@thegenderagenda.com. We are always keen to hear any feedback.

  • I would love to come on as a guest. Can I?

    Most probably! Again, just email us at host@thegenderagenda.com. We are always excited to explore new issues and new perspectives.

  • I’ve always wanted to host a show about gender. Can I?

    We are looking for guest hosts to join the Gender Agenda team. Perhaps you have a particular interest – like legal issues, gender and health or religion. We are keen to create a rich and diverse conversation, and the best way to do this is to have a variety of hosts. Just email us at host@thegenderagenda.com, and we can chat about it over coffee!

  • Do you focus on Australian issues only?

    Conversations about gender are taking place all over the world and are crossing many different boundaries. We follow those conversations regardless of where they are taking place. But we are especially interested in what is happening in Australia!

  • The Gender Agenda airs on a Jewish station right, so do you only cover Jewish community issues?

    We are especially interested in how culture and gender interact. So we often put the spotlight on religious and cultural issues.

    Today in the mainstream media, we see Western feminists talking about work, family, relationships, and gender.  The conversations are rich and vibrant.  But within the many cultural communities, there are equally vibrant discussions about how culture and religion are evolving in the face of new ideas about gender.

    The Gender Agenda provides a meeting place for all these of conversations.  You can hear stories about Indonesian feminists, Sri-lankan Australian men who are primary care givers, trans-gender Jewish men, African American Jewish Jedis (yes, there is a gender angle there too), and more.

    When do new episodes come out???

    New episodes are released on the first Monday of every month.  Podcasts are aired live on J-Air Radio at 10am (GMT + 10) or can be streamed through Soundcloud,Stitcher or itunes.